Hey folks..

It’s quite common among all the working men and women these days.. – “Monday Sickness”

Yes, it’s true. It’s really not easy to get back to work after a break of 2 days right?

I infact had read on T-shirt too which described the frustration level about a Monday.

“If Monday had a face, I would punch it hard” 😁

Well, its very normal right. We all go through this phase.

Today’s topic of Motivational Monday series is –

How often do we find excuses to settle with the situations and make excuses to stay year after year in the same place and circumstances as we were a few years ago too.

Why not look into few personalities today who have accomplished way too much in their lives already.

We have heard a lot of these stories where people have grown from rags to riches.

To name few.

  • Oprah Winfrey – First African American TV correspondent in US.

  • WhatsApp founder Jan Koum – Once swept local stores for survival when he accompanied his mother at the age of 16 in California.

  • Howard Schultz – Founder of Starbucks coffee chain.

  • Lakshmi Mittal Steel Tycoon – Born to a poor family in Rajasthan (India) now runs the world’s largest steel making organization.

  • Ralph Lauren once worked as a clerk at Brooks Brothers – Started Polo brand in 1968.

Any thought on why and how they were able to achieve these heights in their lives even after coming from such a poor background?

It’s quite simple.

They just did not want to settle up where they started. Instead, they wanted to break their barriers and move up in their lives by not having any excuses stop them from achieving what they wanted to and how they wanted to live their lives a few years down the lane.

Results are right there. They did it.

They didn’t allow any excuse stop them from achieving what they wanted to right?

If they can. Then why can’t you or me achieve it?

All it needs is that one step of faith in believing yourself.

Stop giving excuses. Move forward to achieve new heights and breakthrough your difficult times to see the outburst of beautiful new phase of your life.

Hope this article was able to stir up your faith in yourself to break the barriers and grow up in your live by overcoming every situation your in right now.

Happy Reading ❤️

Disclaimer: Names in the above article are taken from Business Insider article –

21 billionaires who grew up poor

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