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It’s quite common among all the working men and women these days.. – “Monday Sickness”

Yes, it’s true. It’s really not easy to get back to work after a break of 2 days right?

I infact had read on T-shirt too which described the frustration level about a Monday.

“If Monday had a face, I would punch it hard” 😁

Well, its very normal right. We all go through this phase.

Today’s topic of Motivational Monday series is –

How often do we find excuses to settle with the situations and make excuses to stay year after year in the same place and circumstances as we were a few years ago too.

Why not look into few personalities today who have accomplished way too much in their lives already.

We have heard a lot of these stories where people have grown from rags to riches.

To name few.

  • Oprah Winfrey – First African American TV correspondent in US.

  • WhatsApp founder Jan Koum – Once swept local stores for survival when he accompanied his mother at the age of 16 in California.

  • Howard Schultz – Founder of Starbucks coffee chain.

  • Lakshmi Mittal Steel Tycoon – Born to a poor family in Rajasthan (India) now runs the world’s largest steel making organization.

  • Ralph Lauren once worked as a clerk at Brooks Brothers – Started Polo brand in 1968.

Any thought on why and how they were able to achieve these heights in their lives even after coming from such a poor background?

It’s quite simple.

They just did not want to settle up where they started. Instead, they wanted to break their barriers and move up in their lives by not having any excuses stop them from achieving what they wanted to and how they wanted to live their lives a few years down the lane.

Results are right there. They did it.

They didn’t allow any excuse stop them from achieving what they wanted to right?

If they can. Then why can’t you or me achieve it?

All it needs is that one step of faith in believing yourself.

Stop giving excuses. Move forward to achieve new heights and breakthrough your difficult times to see the outburst of beautiful new phase of your life.

Hope this article was able to stir up your faith in yourself to break the barriers and grow up in your live by overcoming every situation your in right now.

Happy Reading ❤️

Disclaimer: Names in the above article are taken from Business Insider article –

21 billionaires who grew up poor

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Hey folks..

Wondering what could be the reason behind this title of Motivational Monday article?

Well, all my fellow Indian bloggers would surely know about this famous sweet dish.

To every other fellow blogger friends who do not know. It is one of its kind, mouth watering and relishing sweet dish.

Of which, I can guarantee you that no two piece of Jalebi can ever be same.

Let me just walk you through a quick conversation today between two Jalebi’s (Happy & Sweety).

Happy: Hey.. I am Happy. May I know your name?

Sweety: Hey Happy.. I am Sweety.

Happy: That’s a very nice name. I just now landed on this earth. Our creator just created me by squeezing me, soaking me and then finally fried me in a burning heat vessel of oil and left me on this plate and said live your life.

Sweety: Nice to know that. You know, that’s how even I landed on this plate just a while ago.

Happy: Why do you think we have to go through all of these soaking, squeezing and frying process before we are let to live on this plate?

Sweety: Well, according to me that’s the whole reason why you are so sweet today.

If not for all that what our creator did for you and me. Then, we would be tasteless. And had no value at all..

Happy: Hmm.. I agreee. That’s so true.

Happy: Hey sweety, listen. As we know, we have a very short life span on this plate.

I want to really enjoy and spend every minute we have to the fullest. Can we be with each other for the rest our life and spread sweetness through our living? Just the way we do even after we die?

Sweety: Why not? We can definitely do that. In fact I feel everyone of us on this earth should be exactly doing what you just said.

(It was roughly an hour to this conversation between Happy and Sweety and it ended when they both got burried into the mouth of a foodie)

They did exactly what they thought of and spread the sweetness through out their existence with every other Jalebis they met.

If you notice something from this conversation above.

It was nearly an hour they got to live in their tiny world. And within such a short span. They created this beautiful awareness of being sweet and spreading sweetness in and around them. Just the way they do even after they die.

Well, all this while this is what I meant when I said about Jalebis, Creator, Plate and all of it.

Jalebi – Any human being it could be you or me.

Creator – Our Lord almighty. Who created us on this earth.

Squeezing, Soaking and Frying – Every rough patch in our life. We. Get squeezed by loads of Burden. Get soaked with Tensions. Get fried with the Situations.

Plate – Place we live our day-to-day life.

Whole moto of this story was to make each one of us realize that there will be burdens, there will be tensions and there will be situations that can break us down or even shatter us to the extent that we barely think if we can even live our life happily?

But, here is the catch.

Just like, no two Jalebis can ever be of same shape none of us in this world are same.

We all have our piece of troubles and situations. But just like Happy and Sweety, even after being soaked, squeezed and fried. If we can even think to spread sweetness and happiness in the place we live. It will never go in vain.

The moments of sweetness we share with every other person. Will always remain and be a boon to us. Which will in turn help us lead a peaceful and happy life.

Just like these Jalebis, irrespective of any shape they are in they will always succeed in being sweet no matter what.

So those moments of sweetness you spread when you live will remain with others even after you leave this world forever as sweet memories.

Happy Jalebi Reading ❤️

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Disclaimer: Everything said above is purely based on my thoughts and nothing personal. Names considered are fictional and not concerning to anyone in real. Photo Courtesy – Pixabay.

FM Radio

FM Radio.

Hey Folks..

Good Morning.. to all those who are reading this article and if it’s not morning there for you then, Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Night.. 😛

Well, as usual. My today’s Monday Motivational article is here to keep you energized and motivated all through your week.

Question time?

(Sorry, I have been always told by my friends. That I ask a lot of questions.
Excuse me for that 😛 Okay, let’s get started)..

FM Radio? Motivation? Well, though a classical mode to keep listening to all the latest blockbuster hits and lots of pranks and live updates of the city that we live in.. It surely has a vital lesson to teach every one of us. 

Let me just ask you this one little question again?

Do you remember saying these things to anyone? anytime before?

No Broo.. not in a mood to talk with anyone today.

Just let me be alone. I don’t want to speak with any one just let me be..for a while. 

Sorry Bro.. Not today. I have had such a bad day at college or office or (consider any place or situation). Because of which you could have said this to someone. 

Well, I believe almost every one of us have been in this situation at least once till now. Right?

So, my whole purpose of making you remind about such moment is to let you all know that it’s really very important for each one of us to live our life to the fullest. Without even wasting a single moment of life and just let it go in vain. Because of any damn thing.


So when we know we need to lead our life in such a way. What do we do? We just can’t get over anything that has happened so easily.

We see people saying this right? That, they need time to get back to normal again. It just ain’t possible to get back to normal all of a sudden.

But the fact of the moment is. If you think you can. Then you surely can. If you say you can’t then it just can’t.

If you ask me the question back. That if you say you can, then tell us how?

Well, it’s this simple. Remember the Radio FM for a moment and read this. It’s this Simple.

Just change the channel of your situation and start hearing to the one that makes you feel all alive back again.

Just the way you do it when you are bored of listening to some radio channel and you just change the channel and start listening and enjoying the channel which makes you feel alive again. 

(Sounds too simple. But, if you’re scolding me back of your mind that this idiot is saying so easily. And it isn’t that simple enough to execute it in real life?)

Trust me it is really that simple. All you need to do is. Tune your mind to switch between the real life situations – On the fly.

If something is bothering you. Let the thing bothering you be there where it is. And you move on from there. By changing the channel of your mind.

Because, I personally believe that the it is all within us on how we take control of our mind and mood to switch between the situations that we come across in our day-to-day life.

Rather than, situations taking control of our lives and just keep you haunted with the same old channel of unhappy, sad or lifeless way of living your life.


Please take control of your mind. Switch between the channels. Be Happy. Be Cheerful & Live your every moment to the fullest.

Let me know if you liked this simple comparison of real life situations to radio channels? Please do let me know in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you guys ❤

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How to be Strong


Hey folks..

Good Morning.. let’s begin our day with a dose of motivational drug into our system, which can keep us energetic and motivated for the rest of our week 🙂

So, How many of you’ll have observed the scenic beauty of mountains while your travelling across different cities by road, rail or airways?

Well, the objective here is not which mode of transportation you use to travel across places. But, objective is that amazing beauty of mountains that we observe during any of such travels.

Best travel spot to witness this scenic beauty of mountains is ghats section. Correct me if I am wrong with this. Don’t you feel that its such a beautiful place where you enjoy the beauty of mountains surrounding you?

Yes, for me it definitely is one of the most beautiful places..

I would like to travel again and again just to witness such scenic beauty of nature amidst so many wonderful mountains and everything on and around it.

Well, Coming to the core of today’s topic. Can there be any better example other than these mountains to show the real essence of being strong?

To sum it up in short – These mountains are literally split into two at times – to create roadways or railways. It witnesses huge land slides. In places of volcanoes, it bares the brutal heat of lava flowing on top of it. It witnesses the changing weather conditions (scorching heat, heavy rainfall, snowfall and so on..) 24*7 and 356 days.

Even after facing every single bit of it on every single day. Does it fail to mesmerize you with its serene beauty? Never right.

And that is the best thing which we need to learn and incorporate in our lives too.

Often we see that we come across many difficult situations in our day-to-day life. We breakdown. We get upset. We start getting irritated. Start being annoyed of every single thing around us.

But, instead of reacting in such a way that it disrupts us more and more..

Why can’t we actually stand still and face the situations with upright face, with the bright smile that trashes away every situation and give us the courage required to overcome any situation and live our life to the fullest?

I have always believed and tried to follow this one point on being strong. No matter what happens.

If you can smile even through your troubles even after being in the worst possible situations and you give a try to overcome it.

Then it is the true sign of you being the strongest of all.


Never let anything break you down or shatter you to pieces. Always remember that no trouble or situation is any way bigger than who you really are.

Make every trouble around you look smaller in front of you and chase them all with a beautiful smile on your face. Then you will see how everything around you turns out to be the best you could ever imagine 🙂

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Hey Folks..

It’s Monday morning, and my post today is to make this minute noise in your inbox with the notification of my “Motivational Monday” post 😉

Well, today I thought let me speak about this word noise.

Yes, you might be thinking what can be motivational with this term noise. Right? Well, it does. It does bring some motivation within each one of us by the way we consider it to be.


Let me clear it for you.

There are different types of noises that we come across in our day to day life. Like,  Honking of vehicles. Noise from Crackers. Noise from loud music and many more.

But, today! I am not going to speak about any of such noises I mentioned above.

I will be speaking about the noise that will be made from the way you carry yourself and live your life. How many of you guys out there want to here a noise of failure in your life? No one right? Who wants to hear such negative noises. I would hate to hear such noise for even a split second.

So, it’s quite obvious that everyone of us want to hear the noise of success in our life right?

Do you want to make the noise by your own words by speaking to every other person about it before getting the success?

Or instead, you want your success make some noise and let people know about it rather than you speaking about it by yourself?

The most common mistake that most of us do in our lives is. We speak a lot about the things we want to do. And end up doing just a bit of it or do nothing at all. Due to whatever reasons it might be. And we end up making just the noise without success being part of that noise. 

If you closely think about this once.

How many times in your life till now, have you said something to everyone before doing anything and were not able to achieve it or do it?

And, how many times in your life you have not said anything and have done it successfully which in-turn has made the noise of letting every other person know about it? 

Well, as per what I have learn’t and how much I have understood about this kind of “noise” that we get from success.

If you ask me about it, I would rather say.

The joy we get from the noise that your success makes is incomparable with just the noise that you make through your words before attaining the success you wished for. 

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