Why two strangers ever choose to be friends.

Eric and Jennifer!

Eric was a fun loving guy who had made his presence known in the place he was working.
Jennifer was gem of a girl who had just stepped into her professional path by joining her first Job.

He was a very busy guy who would mingle with every other person in the office.
She would always be in a dilemma as to with whom she can speak or not. After lot of repeated conversations with Eric, she knew that he would be the go to guy on whom she can count on in this new world!

As Eric was a Senior and Jennifer was a Junior in same team, things went on very well. For almost a year, they could barely speak in office hours. But as time passed, there came a point where two strangers were no more strangers but turned out to be very best of friends.
(When there is right mixture of thoughts and emotions between any two individuals then they eventually turn out to be best of friends irrespective of how many times you speak or not. Then along with it, its share of expectations, disappointments will follow too..) Continue reading

Every Friend was once a Stranger!

This post is very close to me!

As this is something, I have experienced and felt it to be important for everyone else also to know and treasure the true essence of friendship!

Has anyone ever thought about this phenomenon, that every friend we have now was once only a stranger to us!?

Yes, when any person is a stranger, why do you think we talk to each other, laugh at each other, cry for each other and build this beautiful relationship called Friendship?

Basically, it’s because we tend to share a priceless bond which is truly unique between any two individuals! Isn’t it??

For an instance, let me speak about two friends Eric and Jennifer!

Eric was a person who was busy with every other aspect of his own life and Jennifer was truly gem of a person! who would always keep Eric as priority no matter what situation she was!

It’s almost been, more than a year they both have moved from being a Stranger! to a Very Best of Friends!

(Being a good friend is definitely not a simple thing to do right? Where there is friendship, there surely is expectations, disappointments and huge mix of feelings that rush through within any individuals who value this beautiful relationship of friendship!)

Eric and Jennifer both used to work in the same office. But, because of various reasons it always so happened that Eric would speak with every other person in the office except for that of Jennifer.

For whole one year, Jennifer faced this same negligence from Eric! Finally, one fine day Jennifer lost her control and said Eric, if this was the case and if he felt ashamed of talking with her in front of everyone else in office, then please stop pretending of being a very good friend of her!

Eric was terrified with these words that Jennifer had just told him. He was never pretending of being her very good friend! Just like Jennifer even Eric had the same feelings for her as a very good friend! But, always failed to showcase the same at their workplace! (which was the reason Jennifer was hurt terribly) .

It was at this moment! Eric realized what mistake he was repeatedly doing and never rectified it.

The moment he understood it, Eric confessed about his mistakes and what he was doing all these days at workplace of neglecting her was wrong and he was guilty of it! He tried to convince Jennifer and asked to give one chance to rectify his mistakes! But, Jennifer was so hurt by Eric that she even after trying to forgive Eric and give him a second chance. It was getting difficult for her to get back to normal behavior with Eric (for the very fact she didn’t want to get hurt again).

But, Eric didn’t lose hope and continued to speak with Jennifer explaining her how much he really valued her as a Very Good Friend of his and never pretended to be one!

After all that Eric said to Jennifer, she was finally convinced and Eric made it a point to never hurt Jennifer ever again. Thus, a very beautiful relationship of friendship between these two continued for their lifetime! 🙂

Moral: Never, ever, at any given moment of time, take things lightly with a friend who you feel is truly valuable in your life! Whenever, you come across a situation where you feel that you think of parting your ways from the other! and be strangers again?

Then, Think!! If at all you wanted to part your ways, why two strangers ever chose to be friends?

It’s very difficult to find a true friendship in someone!

Once you find it, no matter what adversities occur among you’ll! Try to sort it out and rectify your mistakes and for sure things will get better and normal again!

It’s rightly said,

“Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them” – Anna Taylor

Disclaimer: Names mentioned in the article are truly fictional.