Marriage – Decision Phase.

Hey guys, I apologize for not writing anything for last few days. Was stuck with loads of work in and out. Anyways, hope you all still there to read and support my writings πŸ™‚

Well, today’s post will be about the phase we go through right before marriage. As most of my friends and me are in a phase of our life, where it is very certain to get notified and be an eligible bachelor to get married. It’s quiet natural to be in the confused state of mind. As to who really is the perfect match for you right?

I hear most of my friends who say out loud that they are getting irritated with this word marriage already. Any thoughts on why this might be happening to them?

As per my understanding, I feel marriage is a very crucial phase in our life. It is such a phase which can either make or break your life. So it very important for us to be careful and choose our partner for life [our better half] very wisely.

And, when we will be in a mindset to take a call on this in a more practical way.. most of the times because of peer pressure from people around you, your relatives, family members, friends, colleagues you end up getting into a state of mind where you get a thought.

God, why do I even have to marry someone. I am doing well all by my own, why can’t everyone just leave me alone.

When you get such thought my friend, I would want you to just seclude yourself from the rest of the world. Stay calm. Sit in a place where it’s only you and no one else to disturb you at-least for sometime. Think over what is the right thing for you to do now?Β What is it that is exactly bothering you?

Is it that any pressure your feeling because of your relatives & family?

Is it that your still not ready to get married?

Is it that you’re not getting the right partner for your life?Β 

Think over it calmly, breakdown your thoughts, analyse it. When you feel your helpless you ain’t really able to figure out what to do I humbly request you to bow down before god almighty and seek his guidance. I am sure he will not let you down. In fact, what I honestly suggest everyone is please keep god in first place no matter what decisions your making in your life. Specially in decisions like marriage, it is really very important.

If you feel that you’re going through a lot of peer pressure – Just let the people who matter to you in your family, relatives or whoever it may be to let them know in what state of mind you are and what is actually bothering you. I am sure, if they care for you they will understand your point of view.

If you feel that you’re still not ready for marriage – Please make it clear to your family members about it at the same time give them a clear understanding why you feel so and by when you think you can be okay to get along with it.

If your feeling thatΒ you’re not getting the right partner – This is the most trickiest part, there can’t be a generic way of dealing with it. But, if it would be me I would pray to god and ask him to do his will for me, guide me to a person who is the right one for me. I am sure he will lead me to the right one! πŸ™‚

I am not sure, if this was of some help for you. If it was then please drop your comments and feedback’s, would love to read them πŸ™‚

Honest thoughts. Happy Reading πŸ™‚



Good & Bad Inner Voice.

There lived this cute couple.

These two never used to speak with each other face to face except for that of phone calls and texts (Though they both were from the same city)

Talking over the call and text were the only means of communication for there rescue. (As they both studied in two different colleges in different cities)

(You can for sure imagine the gush of thoughts and emotions flowing through in any long distance relationships rite)

Same was the case with these two as they had controlled their desire to meet each other for almost many years.

Even after having mixed feelings, anxiety and many more temptations of lust and so on.

Love for each other and maturity they had developed over the period of time being in such relationship surpassed every other thing they were going through.

Amidst all this they somewhere knew about one rock solid fact which was the sole reason for them to overcome every temptation they came across in their relationships.

(They knew)

God is the one who should have control of their lives and they cannot do it on their own.

If they wished to. They could have taken the steering of their lives and fallen a prey for every temptations they came across. But, even though they almost were about to fall for it. In reality they never really got into the trap of temptations and got saved from it.

It’s true. Every one will always have two inner voices. One which prompts you to do all the things that are good for you. The other which prompts you to do all the things that are bad or not so good for you.

Moral: It is always under your control as to which voice do you want to listen and act upon. If your wise enough to decide on this. Be sure you have won most of the battles for the rest of your life.

Disclaimer: I have tried to explain the confusion about listening to inner voice within you. You cannot actually blame saying you couldn’t control yourself for no matter whatever reason it might be.

Fact is if you actually controlled, you listened to the good inner voice. If you couldn’t control then you have probably listened to your bad inner voice.

Hope so I have made my point clear through this short story. Please feel free to express your views on the same using the comments section below.

Happy Reading. πŸ™‚

Wake Up.

It’s the most difficult thing to do every single morning. It is same with almost every one of us.

Don’t you also feel sometimes, that it is really necessary for you to go and get up early and start getting your things done. Have everything for a day to be in place. Nothing should get delayed. Every single thing you do should be right. There should not be any loop-hole in any work you do at office or be it at any place.

(All these things will be running around in our mind)

Having all this gush of thoughts in mind, you end up deciding that from tomorrow you will wake up at 6.00 am sharp and get your things going. Set your alarm at 6.00 am and go to sleep at around 12.30 am midnight.

But, what do you really do?

Did you really act on it and wake up early the next morning as per your plan? and try to fit everything in place as you had earlier thought?


What did you do?

Procrastinated. Stopped the alarm ringing at 6.00 am and snoozed it till 6.30 am.

Buzzz!! Alarm started ringing at 6.30 am and their you snooze it again and set to 7.00 am.

This continues… until you really wake up and realize you are already late for all things you had thought of doing today!

End of the Day! you still are the same, there isn’t any difference in your day-to-day activities. All the thinking you had put in. All the efforts you had put in to plan for the next day is all in vain. Unless and until you actually act on it and not procrastinate.

Well, I agree it is really difficult to change yourself. Changing one’s routine is not so easy. But, I believe it’s not too difficult either! All you need to do is. Be hopeful that you will make it. Have faith in whatever you decide you will eventually do it. Only when you plan and act, its then when you really be able to achieve all that you want to do in your life.

At the end, Be Courageous. Never Give Up on what you really want in your life!

Would now like to mention about the quote which helped me personally, to keep myself motivated all through these days. It is quoted by.

Mary Anne Radmacher

Courage doesn’t always Roar. Sometimes Courage is the quiet voice, at the end of the day saying. “I WILL TRY AGAIN TOMORROW”

So, always keep this in your mind. 

We are what we do on a regular basis. Train yourself not to procrastinate but to act on what you planned to do. All this is really possible, when you listen to the wake up call and start acting on it.

Hope you all will agree to the things that I have written above. 

If you have liked it? Don’t miss on sharing your views below in comments section. 

If there is anything that I have missed to highlight or if you think something needs to be added to this? Feel free to drop your comment and I will definitely look into it.

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

Just & Only.

First post after a long time! πŸ™‚ Hope you all will agree with what I have penned down.

We often try taking somethings too lightly.

I just heard about this in one of the videos I was watching today morning. How important are these two words “Just” and “Only” in everything that we do.

Hard to believe. But it’s so true that these words have much greater impact on what we do.

For Example: Let me take the same example I heard of which made sense to me.

It’s Just a Game / It’s Only a Job! – Sounds so unimportant, also feels like it’s not that important for the one saying it.

On the other hand.

Its Just a Game / Its Only a Job!  (Read this without the word Just / Only in it) – Sounds so important, feels it’s really important for the one saying it.

Because there will be somebody else who will be waiting for such Game/ Job and turn it into a Career. Unlike the one who is playing a Game or doing a Job just for the sake of doing it.

Sometimes, these words will also end up being a trap in disguise!

Yes, remember anytime telling to yourself?

  • Let me try smoking Just one Cigarette! (Consequence – Many end up smoking it for lifetime)
  • Let me hang on Instagram/Facebook Only for 5 mins and then I’ll get back to my studies! (Consequence – You don’t turn up to your studies for a much longer time maybe even an hour or more)

Falling prey to these words, we all sometime or the other usually will be a victim of such decisions. It show mentally strong are you in taking a firm decision.

Be sure on what you’re doing. Be firm in what you want to do. Just don’t fall a prey to these words over and over again!

Is there anything that I have missed on? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this by using the comments section below!

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚