Refresh – Of my Instagram wall.

Hey folks, hope you guys are doing great.. 🙂

I was just going through my instagram wall and like every one, even I refreshed on my insta wall to see through new posts. Every time I did, I was getting new posts on my wall again and again.


So? what’s the point?
(Everyone knows that when you refresh your feed, you get to see new posts)

Well, reason why I am talking about what I did on my instagram, here on my blog is this.
(I got this thought, I am sure you guys might have got this thought sometime atleast. But, if not, then lets just give it a thought after reading this 🙂 )

Similar to how we do a refresh to see new posts.
(Do we ever refresh our thoughts to get new insights and new ideas every now and then?)

How many times do we login to our social media accounts in a day and refresh our feeds to see new posts?
(Do we atleast refresh our thoughts atleast once a day or once a week for that matter?) 

Hope, I am able to connect with you when I say this 🙂

Makes sense to me, does it to you? 

If yes, then let’s think of how it can streamline our positive energy within us, when we let new thoughts and insights flow through us everytime we do a refresh of our thoughts.

I have always seen and known, when we do not refresh our thoughts and just dwell with same thoughts running around in our mind. It will eventually turn out to be a monster within our mind that eats our peace and leaves us clueless off how it has impacted our daily routine.

But, on the contrary. Like I said, if we refresh our thoughts and keep refreshing it so that we keep getting new thoughts, insights and ideas every now then. It will make our life full of peace and filled with positive energy.

Mainly because, with inflow of positivity through new thoughts, we will keep ourselves busy with every new thing we do with the positive approach. Rather than just rusting away with same old thoughts that would continue bothering us.

Would like to end this converstion by making a note to self and to you all, let’s not forget to refresh our thoughts no matter in which situation we might ever be and notice that every situation will ease out when we do a refresh of our thoughts.

Happy Reading! 🙂


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