I always believe if you have anything in your mind and your doubtful about it.

Introspect. If at all you do introspect. Then be happy about it. Undoubtedly you’re in the right track. Because when you do and listen to your good inner voice. Your saved from committing any mistake or sin against god.

If not, then your bound to do a mistake or something that is not right by listening to your bad inner voice and commit mistake or sin against god.

All that I expressed above. Is because of the statement I heard from my brother when he said yesterday evening during healthy discussion about word of god.

If you’re a person led by Holy Spirit you will not do anything contrary to it in your day-to-day life.

So if you’re not introspecting yourself before doing something. Be it anything lawful or unlawful. Think about it. Start introspecting and listen to your good inner voice. Be sure. Things will change. Blessings will flow and good things are bound to happen.

Happy Reading 😊

17 thoughts on “Introspect.

  1. I live with depression and obsessive thoughts. I try to look inside and to follow God. But sometimes my thoughts are not really what I want to be thinking or are false indicators to what I really feel and believe. It is difficult to sort through the mess.

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    • I understand by your words what your going through Anna. At times it really gets messy and very disturbing. But, all you need to do at that time is blindly cling on to god. Pray for it so that you overcome all that your going through with complete faith. When you do that. I am very sure. Things will change. You will feel better and better everyday day. πŸ˜‡πŸ™‚

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      • Thank you for the encouragement. I do pray throughout the day. I ask for the wisdom to know how to handle situations I come across. I try to remember that everything is in God’s time, and that my prayers will be answered…I just need to find a way to interpret the answers and recognize that God’s time isn’t necessarily my time.

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      • In a way true. All your doing is right. You just need to give it some time and keep doing and diverting your mind from what depresses you to what makes you feel good. Start diverting your mind the very second or moment you feel that your heading towards depressive state. Start making yourself stronger and stronger through prayer and worship songs. You will definitely feel better. Listen to Joel Osteen ministries Podcasts or videos you’ll definitely feel better. I actually love them. Hope you will too feel much better from that. God bless. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

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